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Save Energy
Save Energy
Energy is essential to life and its conservation has become an absolute necessity. The existing interaction between natural resources and population has to be maintained at a balance in order to ensure the continuity of the human race. Concerns over the negative environmental impacts of inefficient uses of energy are growing, both globally and regionally. Air pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases, and acidification of soil and water can all be reduced if energy and resource conservation concepts are more widely applied. Such concerns require greater national efforts and international cooperation to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation. Efficient energy use can increase productivity and economic competitiveness as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions per unit of output. Today energy conservation has been recognized as a national priority for a very long time.
The growth and demand for energy is increasing at a very fast rate, specially in the industrial sector, the transport sector and the house hold sector, thereby putting a great deal of pressure on the available resources. The need of the hour has now become conservation and preservation. Conservation and efficient use of energy in industry has for a long time been a priority of the Government of India. People on their part should also become aware of the seriousness and do their best to conserve and preserve this energy.

Hence we at Powerzone have taken the initiative to communicate SAVE ENERGY to the population living in rural and semi-urban India.
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